The 1 Thing You‘re Missing In Your Emails

This week’s episode is about a key piece most people are missing out in their emails. In a world so ravaged by crazy things, it’s important to step back and take everything with a grain of salt and a little bit of spice. A dose of this most important ingredient really changes the flavor of the mix and often encourages audiences to engage because who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? So don’t miss out. Turn your life around with this very important tip.

In this episode, we dive into: 


  • What people really want - entertainment!
  • Creating relatability and that spot-on connection piece you can use in your emails
  • How to infuse humor into your emails (and it’s not just about adding jokes!)


Wait, don’t forget your guac!


Be sure to hop over to my Instagram where I dive more into how to create a customer centric business through intentional communication and customer journeys.

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