Making Marketing Simple with Jenn Donovan

In this week’s episode, Ashley talks to Jen  Donovan who is a master in getting businesses to focus on their marketing efforts to achieve their business goals. Jen has created this wonderful online marketplace community for rural and regionalist small business owners and has amassed an amazing 330,000 members making her the mayor of her own virtual city. That’s so awesome! So if you’re interested in getting your name out there, and making sure you’re investing in the right marketing efforts, today’s episode is for you. 

In this episode, we dive into: 


  • Human-to-human marketing as a baseline for your business
  • How to talk in the language of buyers
  • How being your authentic self can attract valuable customers


Wait, don’t forget your guac!
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PS. This content is NOT sponsored. Some product links are affiliate links which means if you buy something we'll receive a small commission. 
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