Easy Launch Strategy To Book Out Your Program Using TaVona Denise

Tune in on this week’s episode where Ashley interviews TaVona Denise as we chat about launching without the stress and headache from trying to do #allthethings! TaVona is setting a new standard for how coaches book out their one-on-one services and fill their group programs so they can actually make money doing what they love. After having multiple 5 to 6 figure launches that left her exhausted and overwhelmed, she created the Launch Optimization Method to help fellow coaches crush their launch goals without burning out.  


In this episode, we dive into: 

  • Some of the biggest mistakes when it comes to launching
  • Knowing how often to launch (based on your offer!)
  • Transitioning different mindsets in different stages


Connect with TaVona Denise


You can connect with them over at https://www.tavonadenise.com/

Instagram - @tavonadenise


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Be sure to hop over to my Instagram where I dive more into how to create a customer centric business through intentional communication and customer journeys.

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