#1 Mistake When It Comes To Weekly Emails

Tune in on this week’s episode where Ashley talks about the # 1 mistake when it comes to weekly emails. Because of the repetitive nature of weekly emails, many people don’t know what to write anymore. This is especially true for Youtubers and Podcasters. We’ve fallen into content fatigue and we lose audiences because of this. Your emails are supposed to keep your audiences stuck to you week after week, not scare them away. If you’ve had this problem, or are experiencing this problem, today’s episode is for you. 


In this episode, we dive into: 

  • The purpose of the weekly emails
  • How to keep your weekly emails fresh
  • The right structure for your weekly emails

Wait, don’t forget your guac!

Be sure to hop over to my Instagram where I dive more into how to create a customer centric business through intentional communication and customer journeys. 

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